What style of photography do you use when shooting a wedding?


I shoot weddings with a photo journalism style, although, in a somewhat humorous but honest way, I'm tempted to say I approach weddings with a similar mindset to if I was shooting wildlife. With the exception of the formal photos, I'm not there to influence or stage shots. Just like photographing wildlife, the less noticable I am, the better. Not only does this approach allow you and your guests to remain focused on what matters most on your wedding day, but it allows me to focus on capturing my favorite kind of photos. Candid shots! 



Will Photos be retouched?


Yes. I edit all of the photos that I deliver to my clients to ensure that overall image quality meets my standards. If you're freaking out because you woke up on your wedding day with a pimple or some kind of skin blemish that make up just can't quite fix, I hope you'll take some comfort in knowing you'll never see it in any of your photos!

Will there be a second shooter?

Yes. I always bring a second shooter. There are so many amazing moments during a wedding, and no team of photographers will ever be able to capture all of them. That being said, I do want to capture as many as possible, and having a second shooter is a massive help in achieving that.



How long after the wedding do we get the photos? 


My turn around time for delivering the finished photos is 6-8 weeks. 



What do you think distinguishes your work from other photographers?


One thing I believe separates me from other photographers is my focus on the people at a wedding besides the bride and groom. Obviously the bride and groom get a lot of my attention, but I believe a wedding day isn't just about the bride and groom. It's also about the people that the bride and groom have chosen to share that day with. Honestly, when else in your life are you going to be at any kind of party where all of your friends and family are there? It's always my goal to get as many candid shots of guests as possible. I also approach my weddings with the mindset that my real clients are the bride and groom 10, 20, 30, 40 years from now, along with their children and grandchildren. What are they going to want to see from that day? I realize that those are my real clients, and I wish more people would realize that. Whether it's a guest who's caught me trying to get a candid shot of them, or a member of the wedding party who doesn't like being in photos; I wish more people would realize who's really going to be looking back at them through my lens.


Can I give you a list of specific shots we would like?


Yes! Absolutely you can do that. I've done weddings where I've printed off photos the bride sent me that she wanted to replicate with her wedding party. If you know what shots you want, by all means pass them along to me. I always have a shot list with me for the formals, but if you want to give me your own shot list, that makes things easier for me knowing that we're getting the exact shots that you want. And we pretty much always have time to try different shots if the location inspires other ideas we would like to try anyways! So shot lists are never a bad idea.



Is it okay if other people take photos while you're taking photos?


That's perfectly alright with me! Photographing weddings is all about capturing special moments, and I know that I've been a guest at weddings, brought a camera along and ended up capturing some great moments that the bride and groom are happy to have photos of. 

What form of payment do you accept?

I accept e-transfers and cheques.





If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me to ask me via email, or we can line up a meeting to discuss any questions you have in greater detail!