Your wedding day is going to be one of the most amazing days of your life. Having all of your family and friends gathered together to witness and celebrate your marriage will be a euphoric experience that you never forget, and having beautiful photographs to look back on and share with your loved ones is gift that will never stop giving.

It's very important that your wedding day is photographed in such a way that the emotion and experience of your wedding comes back to you every time you look at your photos. It's also very important that the process of having your wedding photographed adds to the enjoyment of your day and doesn't take away or distract you from the actual experience of your wedding. And lastly, it's crucial to make sure you have a photographer who recognizes the less obvious moments you're going to want to remember later in life.

When I photograph a wedding, the primary people I'm trying to please with the photos I take are not my clients 6-8 weeks after the wedding when I give them their photos. I'm always looking to take the photos that are going to mean the most to my clients
 years from now. When my clients are celebrating milestone wedding anniversaries, what photos from their wedding day are going to mean the most to them? What photos are they going to want to show their children and grandchildren?

My approach when I photograph weddings is entirely based on those questions. To ensure I'm able to accomplish this, I only work with high end professional camera and lighting equipment that allows me to capture as many precious moments from your wedding day as possible.

Photographing one of the most important days of peoples lives isn't just a job for me.
It's a privilege, a responsibility, and a lot of fun!

Jared Heynen - Venray Images


All Packages Include:

USB with High Resolution Images
Colour & Black and White Photos

Online Gallery

Professional Edits

Second Photographer

Full Day

(10 hours) Coverage


Half Day

(5 hours) Coverage


Additional Costs

For full day coverage, a meal must be provided for myself and my second shooter. 

Depending on start time and the location of your wedding, hotel accommodations may

be required for myself and my second shooter, along with travel expenses. 

Slide Show featuring music of your choice
1 song - $300
2 songs - $500
3 songs - $650

All photos are delivered via USB drive 6-8 weeks after wedding date

Calgary, AB